This 2018 Religion Week has for theme Spirituality. I chose it because it is the basis of all religions. Besides, there are people who are not religious but consider themselves spiritual. Our keynote speaker on Monday 29 January was Didi Hendrika (Didi means sister). She belongs to the Yogi community and she wears an orange robe characteristic of the Yogi monks.

She made a power-point presentation and she asked us questions. Who are we? Are we the name we have been given at birth, the body that carries us where we want to go, our job or profession, our fame in case we are famous? Are we what we own, house, car, books etc? Didi then told us that we are none of this essentially. Because we are energy, an energy that is unlimited and common to all of us, whatever our race, our nationality or creed. Because we all belong to the human race and we are a human family.

She also stressed the fact that we can find some kind of happiness in material things but that it does not last. Real happiness comes from what we are, from our spiritual life and development.

On Thursday 1 February, our guests were Rabbi Samuel Garzon from the Jewish community and Mr. Robin Nandana representing the Hari Krishna community. Both stressed the importance spirituality has in our lives as we are not only a body but also a soul. Rabbi Garzon explained how the spiritual world and the material world are both important and interconnected.

Helene Neri

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