After School Activities Trimester III

CIC offers a wide range of after school activities that are designed to enrich and promote student learning and understanding. In line with the school mission statement CIC:

  • Offers each student a nurturing, and supportive environment, that treats each student as a unique individual and challenges all students to excel academically, and at the same time, model the behaviors expected of responsible citizens of both the school and society.
  • Encourages each student to learn the value of and to become involved in Creative Arts, Athletics, Technology, and Community Service.
  • Imparts to each student essential knowledge and skills, a joy of learning and the intrinsic motivation to become a life long learner.
  • Develops a social climate in the school that models international understanding, community service, and the acceptance of and cooperation with, the diverse cultures represented by the school’s community.

The activities will start on March 6th until May 26th. 

Elementary After School Activity