Our school has been delivering quality education here in Caracas since 1896. Originally called Colegio Americano, the school merged with Academia La Castellana in 1971 and took the name Colegio Internacional de Caracas, or The International School of Caracas. CIC has a proven record of academic excellence and leadership among international schools in Venezuela. We were early adopters of the International Baccalaureate Diploma and Middle Years Programs, which have built a world-wide reputation for rigor, high standards, international perspective, and effective university preparation. Through generous consultancy and collegial collaboration, CIC’s curriculum ideas are being implemented at many of the smaller international schools around the country.

CIC has a rich history that spans more than a single lifetime. Our story is bound up in the stories of our students who have gone on to use the discoveries made here, the teachers who made daily investments in lives, the administrators who have led with wisdom, the parents who took ownership of their children’s education and all the others, from secretaries to maintenance staff, who have helped make CIC what it is today. It’s all of these people’s individual stories that make up our story.


Colegio Internacional de Caracas is an English medium, preNursery-to-Grade 12 school dedicated to the intellectual and personal development of each student in a caring and supportive environment. CIC offers a challenging program to prepare an international student body to excel in a variety of the world’s finest schools and universities.


Colegio Internacional de Caracas is a learning community that develops to the highest degree the personal and academic attributes described in the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile. Personally, the CIC student is balanced, open-minded, caring, reflective, principled and knowledgeable. Academically, the CIC student is a communicator, a risk-taker, an inquirer, and a thinker.

Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLR’s)

An ESLR is what each student should know, understand and be able to do upon leaving CIC, or by the time the student completes the planned program. A CIC student is a(n)…


Effective Communicators Who:

  • Listen, speak, read, write, speak, view, and present, and listen effectively and correctly in English.
  • Reflect and critically evaluate oral, written, and visual information.
  • Understand, follow, and give directions.
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately for various outcomes, cultures, and points of view.
  • Collaborate  and communicate with honesty and integrity.


Life-long Reflective Learners Who:

  • Think about their own thinking.
  • Recognize and develop strengths and talents.
  • Assess and improve weaknesses and limitations.
  • Take an active role in their own learning process.
  • Work independently and self directed.


Socially Responsible Global Citizens Who:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of social problems and their implications in both, their own and global communities.
  • Participate actively and contribute responsibly in projects that improve the community.
  • Respect cultural diversity via collaboration and self and community advocacy.
  • Identify and address environmental concerns that affect communities around the world are globally responsible citizens through self-awareness, empathy, and understanding.


Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers Who:

  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and independent as well as collaborative learning.
  • Demonstrate ability to use reasoning skills to combined with ethical and/or moral values to solve complex problems.
  • Utilize technology appropriately to gain information and solve problems.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to new situations.
  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Dear Parents,

Some of you are new to CIC. Many may not know very much about how the school is administered. An important part of the school’s overall administration is the CIC School Board. CIC is a parent-owned school. As such, the school’s administration reports to a school Board elected by the parents. The Board’s most important jobs are assuring that the school’s finances are able to support our academic program and contract excellent teachers who can help us meet the school’s mission which is written below. Although the administration is responsible for the day to day operations of the school, the Board is responsible for working with the administration, faculty, and parents to set and meet the school’s academic and financial goals.

Board members are elected to either one or two-year terms at the Fall General Assembly. This assembly is usually held in mid-October of each year. Any shareholder can serve on the Board. Volunteers are always welcome. Those who wish to serve on the Board should contact the Board president or the school’s Superintendent.

The Board meets at least once per month. In addition, each Board member is asked to serve on a minimum of one Board committee. These are Buildings and Grounds, Education, Finance, and Marketing. Non-Board members are welcome to serve on any of the committees. If you are interested, please contact the Chairman of the committee. The Board President and Superintendent serve on all committees.

Top School

Without a doubt! CIC’s small class sizes allow instructors to provide individualized attention to each student. Instruction is delivered in English. Language learners whose native tongue is other than English are provided language support in the ESOL program.

Linked to the Community

AYA (Ayuda y Amistad) has provided service to the local community for over 20 years. Involvement in AYA allows students to know the reality beyond the school environment. As global citizens, CIC students participate in a variety of activities in the service of the community.

Global Student

CIC is an international school dedicated to making sure your child is included, challenged, and successful. Our students come from over forty countries! They learn about the world while feeling safe and happy at school. CIC has dedicated and experienced educators from around the world who will give your children the personal attention they deserve, whether they are starting school or whether they are almost ready to move on to university.

Modern Canteen

As part of CIC’s infrastructure, the school canteen and Food Services group offer healthy and balanced meals with a mechanism to ease the purchase, and be able keep track of consumptions of food-items by students.


We offer a proven American-style, international curriculum from PreNursery to Grade 5 and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program to Grades 6-10. The IBMYP leads students into the IB Diploma Program for Grades 11 & 12, which we have been offering for about twenty years.

Teaching Quality

CIC places students in some of the finest universities around the world through our comprehensive college preparatory program which includes the full IB program and the opportunity for AP Exams. CIC students who are fluent in Spanish are also eligible for entrance into Venezuelan universities through the Revalidas process.