Without a doubt! CIC’s small class sizes allow instructors to provide individualized attention to each student.

Instruction is delivered in English. Language learners whose native tongue is other than English are provided language support in the ESOL program.

At CIC, nursery through grade 12 students develop their special talents through a range of free-of-charge, carefully-designed after-school activities.  Volleyball, math club, art, music, and drama studies are just some of the many choices students are offered. As its ideal, CIC promotes the well-rounded student.

AYA (Ayuda y Amistad) has provided service to the local community for over 20 years.
Involvement in AYA allows students to know the reality beyond the school environment. As global citizens, CIC students participate in a variety of activities in the service of the community.

CIC is an international school dedicated to making sure your child is included, challenged, and successful. Our students come from over forty countries! They learn about the world while feeling safe and happy at school.

CIC has dedicated and experienced educators from around the world who will give your children the personal attention they deserve, whether they are starting school or whether they are almost ready to move on to university.

The beautiful 10 acre campus has excellent academic, art, athletic, and technological facilities. In addition to the challenging and world-renowned International Baccalaureate Middle Years, and Diploma programs, CIC offers stimulating preschool and elementary academic programs.

As part of CIC’s infrastructure, the school canteen and Food Services group offer healthy and balanced meals with a mechanism to ease the purchase, and be able keep track of consumptions of food-items by students.

Campus Life